Over the Horizon

Over the Horizon

April 30, 2023

What’s ahead for you?

Is there a clear vision over the next hill?  Looks like a little sunlight might be in the distance. But how far off is that really? We can’t see what is really on the other side of that hill.  On the winding country roads out here in the Southern Chester County near my home, on the other side of the hill could be joggers, bikers, deer, tractors, a parked Postal vehicle or a school bus. Keep moving forward but be alert and use caution.

We are all at different places in our journey…. Moving at different speeds over different hills with different goals. Often when I sit down with folks they are well on their way to a happy retirement. They have worked hard and sacrificed over many years.

They have made smart decisions and taken thoughtful action. But sometimes there are still a few questions to resolve. How exactly do we do this? And what if this happens. And I heard that sometimes there is a way to do this part of our retirement plan a little better? Can we do that? My neighbor or some expert on TV said this…Can we do that? Should we do that?

In over 20 years, I have sat down with many, many families and individuals for complimentary consultations.  Almost every time, we are able to offer at least one concrete significant idea to improve a person’s financial situation. That is just in the first complimentary meeting.

By the way, we happily use the dedicated resources from the home office at LPL Financial. No, neither I nor any other Financial Planner has all the answers. We know to know how questions and get answers from deeper professionals in many specialized areas.

Get your questions answered. Gary is just a phone call or email away. You may use the button that says “BOOK NOW” to schedule a consultation.  Looking forward to speaking with you…..