Newsletter: Economy Reports/ Outlook 2023

Newsletter: Economy Reports/ Outlook 2023

December 28, 2022

I am taking a minute to share with you several recent economic reports. As you well know, the US and the World are going through challenging economic times.

Each day, I receive and review many reports like these. The conclusions are not always clear or obvious. In addition, the news is not always as encouraging as we might hope.

However, we are dedicated to doing our homework to help our clients make the most of their retirement portfolios and their financial lives altogether.

Rather than reading several reports, if you would rather have a plain language discussion with me, it would be my pleasure. My phone is 610.563.5853 and evenings and weekends are ok to call. An appointment is not necessary.

Just reach out and call me to have a straightforward conversation about what is going on in the economy and the markets and how it affects you. 

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