Newsletter: A Resilient March

Newsletter: A Resilient March

April 17, 2023

From unexpected weather patterns to unexpected economic patterns….  It is ok to admit that sometimes economic and other news can be worrisome or distracting. Personally, I occasionally think back to the Financial Crisis of 2008, the “Tech Wreck” of 2001, or the recent Pandemic, and there were some dark moments.

After 20-plus years in the financial industry, I will share a few insights. The concerns people feel are real. The news drumbeat is not reassuring. It is ok to acknowledge that the uncertainty of the economy with inflation, interest rate movements, market volatility, and global events is troubling.

You may have heard that one method to get past this is to think of a long-term view. Another path to getting through any concerns is to think about real people in your life, business or community leaders that you know or who you are aware of, who are persevering through tough times to get ahead.

One of my favorite ways to get through challenging economic times is to think that we are investing in America’s Consumers and Entrepreneurs. And yes, we are even putting our faith in the American public.

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